The earth still trembles in Sicily shock of 3.1 off the coast of Catania

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After the 3.6 quake felt yesterday in some Aeolian islands, another earthquake was recorded today, July 5 in Sicily.
Also this time the intensity was higher than 3 degrees (3.1), but the epicenter concerned the Ionian Sea off the coast of Catania.

According to the findings of the INGV-Rome seismic room, the earthquake occurred at 13.41 at a depth of 33 km, with its epicenter at 48 km from Acireale, 54 km from Catania, 62 km from Syracuse and 76 km from Messina.
There is no damage.

Today’s shock comes after the two recorded yesterday in Sicily.
The first, at dawn yesterday of magnitude 3.6, was clearly felt in Salina and Filicudi, the second of lower intensity (2.1) was detected off Messina.


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