The earth is shaking in Sicily: two earthquakes occurred in the Messina area

2023 begins as 2022 ended: the earth shakes in Sicily. And so after yesterday’s shock registered in Catania, this morning two affected the province of Messina, both occurred at sea.

The first, at 3:55 am, was recorded by the Ingv seismic room in Rome in the Aeolian Islands area, at a depth of 231 kilometres. The earthquake was of magnitude 2.0 and was not felt by the island population.

Shortly after, at 4:35, another shock was recorded on the north-eastern Sicilian coast, in the Messina area. The earthquake was of magnitude 2.2, at a depth of 120 kilometers. It was again detected by the Ingv seismic room in Rome.

Yesterday, the first day of the year, an earthquake of magnitude 2.8 was recorded by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology 2 kilometers northeast of Ragalna in the province of Catania and at a depth of 3 kilometers. The earthquake, felt by a part of the population, was recorded by the Ingv operations room in Catania at 11.28.

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