The dormouse war on the Nebrodi: "The hazelnut trees ravage". But animal rights activists: «It's not true»


MESSINA – «We are in the open war, or rather we have reached the showdown, the municipalities of the Nebrodi in the province of Messina have asked for the state of calamity to save their stones that they said would be endangered by the presence of a million specimens of dormice that caused damage for 48 million euros ». This was stated in a note from the Italian Association for the Protection of Animals and the Environment – Italiambiente.

«Again according to the claims of the local administrations that have asked for a government decree and one for the Sicily region, dormice in addition to hazelnuts reach the town entering the houses and causing unspeakable damage (which they only see). These requests, however, contrast with the data provided regarding the turnover and production of hazelnuts in that area which do not exceed a total of 200 thousand kilos with an average turnover that is less than half a million euros, taking into account that the cultivation of Nebrodi affects a total of 12 thousand hectares and that there are a hundred producers overall.

"Given these contents in an article published on the website and which differ considerably from those declared in the request for a state of disaster advanced by the municipalities themselves to the Government and the region", continues the Italian Association of animal and environmental defense which has decided to formally contest the data contained in this request by sending reports to the authorities which highlight "the deviation of the data estimated by the municipalities, with those relating to production and those estimated in the 2014-2020 Rural Development Plan still in force and that they say things very different from those written in these days and supported by local administrations for the sole purpose of reaching a total slaughter of one million dormice ».

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