The dispute at the Trapani shipyard triggers a complaint against the French sailor

The dispute that took place yesterday afternoon between a French sailor and an employee of a shipyard in Trapani takes on legal implications. The employee of the “Vento di Maestrale” shipyard, Antonio Adragna, has in fact filed a complaint against the French sailor, Ivan Panak, with whom, yesterday afternoon, he had a rather heavy discussion so much so that at a certain point two steering wheels of the police who prevented the dispute from escalating.

It all stems from the fact that the French sailor owes the “Vento di Maestrale” shipyard the sum of 3,800 euros. For about two years, in fact, Ivan Panak allegedly moored his sailboat in the structure, in the area of ​​the fishing port. Then he would have left without paying the bill because – according to him – the boat would have suffered extensive damage due to the power outages. Yesterday what was supposed to be a clarification turned into a scary quarrel. “He pointed the gun at my face – denounces Toni Adragna – and he told me: go away or I’ll shoot you”. The dispute, between creditor and debtor, took place inside the Miceli shipyard in Trapani, where in the meantime Ivan Panak would have sailed his vessel and where, yesterday afternoon, he was joined by Antonio Adragna.

After the intervention of the police, the two were taken to the police headquarters where the employee filed a complaint against the sailor.

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