The disappearance of Gessica Lattuca, the mayor of Favara, five years ago: “An open wound”

In the fifth anniversary of Gessica Lattuca’s disappearance, the mayor of Favara, Antonio Palumbo, expressed the community’s frustration in not having any news or contributions to finding the truth. The investigations and appeals began in 2018, but public attention has since faded. While investigators believe Gessica is dead, her body has never been found and nothing is known about the culprits. Last June, Gessica’s brother, Vincenzo Lattuca, was named a suspect in her murder and concealing her body. However, he died shortly after, and an investigation was opened for drug trafficking and death as a result of another crime. The theory that he died of a heroin overdose was refuted after speaking to a friend who had shared and consumed the same dose. The wound of Gessica’s disappearance remains open for the entire Favara community.

Cinque anni fa la scomparsa di Gessica Lattuca, il sindaco di Favara: «Ferita aperta»

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