The disappearance of Carlo La Duca, the “indecent” proposals and the mysterious beating with “the mafiosi of Palermo”

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The alleged beating of a man and the threats to his son-in-law, guilty of making “indecent” proposals to Luana Cammalleri, the woman arrested together with her lover Pietro Ferrara for the murder of her husband, Carlo Domenico La Duca, who died on January 31, 2019.
From the order of the investigating judge Marco Gaeta this strange story also emerges, that the carabinieri – coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Marzia Sabella and by the substitutes Alfredo Gagliardi and Luisa Vittoria Campanile – report to show that the suspects would have used to resort to violence to resolve the most disparate issues.

What would have happened in the cellar of the La Duca, in the summer of 2017, remains a mystery in many respects, even for the different versions provided by the people involved.
Starting with the alleged victims, who denied before the investigators that they had been physically attacked that day, except to reveal something else in the interceptions.
What is certain is that Cammalleri and Ferrara would have done everything to prevent the story from coming to the surface immediately after the disappearance of the victim (whose body was never found), also agreeing what to say – or, better, not to say.
– on the subject in front of the cameras of “Who saw it?”.
The two would also have pressured the suspect’s wife, who would have been present at the hypothetical settling of scores, so that she would not reveal anything about the episode.
And also the mother of the deceased, some time after the events, would have asked one of the alleged victims and his wife not to talk about it so as not to end up in “bad waters”.

“Lascivious” behaviors, naked breasts and “punishment”

According to the reconstruction of the accusation, the man (who according to the mother of Carlo La Duca was even sodomized with an object, but this data would not have been confirmed) would have been summoned by La Duca and his best friend Ferrara, to the presence of two other people (whom Cammalleri defines as “mafiosi di Palermo” in an interception) and invited to leave Luana Cammalleri alone and to cancel her telephone number.
He would also have been beaten.
Same treatment, but without beating, for the son-in-law.
The first said that from certain attitudes considered lewd by Cammalleri he would have understood that she would have been willing to meet him, but when he would have called her she would have replied that “he did not do these things”.
To the other the woman would show her breasts as they were near a swimming pool and she would give him her phone number.
The suspect she would have said that she was annoyed by the two of her in Ferrara and so he would have summoned them, even in the presence of La Duca.

The fake pain on TV and the misdirection of lovers

“We must not put the other person’s speech in the middle”

From some interceptions of March 2019 between Cammalleri and Ferrara it emerges that the two would have liked to keep the whole affair hidden, especially when they would have been interviewed on TV.
“I will tell everything – said the woman – except the speech of (gives the surname of the man who would have been attacked, ed) …
And he would have asked to do the same to his lover’s wife, whose words he reported:” He says: ‘That there was your brother-in-law who worried you and it was my husband and I who defended you, but the we must not put the other person in the middle, he must not go out ‘”and Cammalleri recommended himself:” I recommend, both you and me,’ but who the fuck has ever seen him! But who has ever had contact …
You know that we consume to your husband …
I recommend you because that, the old woman (refers to her mother-in-law, ed), at a moment of anger, can put this speech in the middle …
You have to get killed as I will, but this name must not go out ‘”.

“That brought the mafia from Palermo …”

Cammalleri was also very worried because she would have had a recording of a phone call on her cell phone referring to the settling of scores in the cellar.
She feared that the carabinieri might therefore discover the story.
On 6 April 2019 she said to Ferrara: “When she (the mother-in-law, ed) says: ‘You …
were looking for help …
the mafia, that (Ferrara, ed) brought the mafiosi of Palermo ‘…
because if now these (the carabinieri, ed) hear ‘this fucking recording and hear:’ The mafiosi of Palermo, that made them come, to that (the man who would have been beaten, ed) his teeth fell out …

“She was scantily dressed and I asked her for a meeting”

The victim of the alleged beating told investigators that in the summer of 2017 he would receive a call from La Duca “to tell me that his partner was there (Ferrara, ed) that he wanted to talk to me.
“He would then go and be invited to sit in the cellar:” The reason for my summoning to the La Duca house was linked to the fact that, a couple of weeks earlier, I had called Luana Cammalleri to make some advances to her.
, because I had perceived from some of her provocative attitudes, that is, in showing herself to my eyes dressed in a skimpy way …
and I asked her for a meeting.
But she replied that she didn’t do these things with her and I didn’t bother her anymore.
I think Luana has told everything to her husband Carlo and her partner “.

Dreams, lies and perversions behind the disappearance of La Duca

“Carlo’s friend told me not to disturb Luana anymore”

The man then reported that “arrived in the cellar, with an arrogant and threatening manner, Carlo’s friend (Ferrara, ed), after taking my cell phone, he told me not to disturb Luana any more and to cancel her number.
Luana and the wife of Carlo’s friend were out of sight but witnessed the scene “.
Then also” my son-in-law was invited to go to the home of La Duca “.
The son-in-law would tell him that” he too had been intimated by this guy (Ferrara, ed) not to go down that road anymore, to cancel Luana’s number and leave her alone.
My son-in-law told me that on one occasion Luana would show him her breasts while they were in the pool, making him understand that she was willing to meet.
It was Luana herself who gave him her number “.

“I saw Carlo’s friend who was being sorry on TV …”

After the meeting, the man would have told everything to his wife: “That evening I also told everything to my wife who reacted badly to what I intended to do with Luana.
Cammalleri’s mother-in-law showed up at my house about fifteen days ago to talk to my wife and me about the affair and invited us, in the event that we were called by the investigators, to say that we do not know Carlo’s friend so as not to put ourselves in ‘bad waters’.
I then saw on television that he was sorry to ‘Who saw it?’ “.

“That evening you came with a swollen face”

The man’s wife in turn declared that her husband would have been “only threatened and not beaten by Carlo’s partner, that evening he had no bruises or signs that would suggest an attack”.
However, on May 9, 2019, the woman reported to her husband about what she had said to the carabinieri: “Because they know that you pigghiastivu botte” and “I told them that there weren’t any beating …
What should I say, that they gave you beating ? Because something …
of course, you came with a swollen face “, thus admitting the beating denied by all.
Her husband replied: “I didn’t come, I told him (to the carabinieri, ed): ‘He only put a finger here, strong and that’s it, but no, I got hit’ “.

“We had to admit that this hit you”

The conversation between husband and wife continued with very harsh tones: “Because if he was a man with balls (he refers to La Duca, ed) couldn’t talk to me? I was already apologizing, a moment of head was enough, and cut the discussion instead of being an asshole him and his wife and everyone else.
Can’t you see it’s p …
(talk about Cammalleri, ed)? And that (Ferrara’s wife, ed) is more p …
than her, with everything being the daughter of a cop.
“The wife agreed:” It seems to him that the rest of us did not tell him the things we had to say, we had to admit that this gave you a blow …
‘One with certain people is better not to have anything to do with them’, I told him (to the carabinieri, ed) “.

The threats, the killed dogs and the betrayal: what is the motive for the crime?

“Instead of looking for the culprits, do the p …”

The husband continued: “That p …, what p …
are you? Instead of looking for the guilty ones, you do the p …? Fuck for a proposal makes a madhouse happen? This really ugly p …
For a fuck about nothing, this whole process? ed) was unable to say to her: ‘But put on a robe like Christians’, it means that all of them are a whole mass of mud …
They know what p …
the coolness in there consumes families …
if I wasn’t there they would all kill themselves like dogs “.

“Luana dived into the pool without a bra and then gave me her number”

The son-in-law told of the meeting in the cellar with the carabinieri: “Carlo’s friend (Ferrara, ed) immediately asked me if I had Luana’s number, I answered yes and Carlo’s friend asked me to cancel it and forget Luana.
She did not intervene but she had a smile, she felt satisfied …
I did not receive explicit threats from Carlo’s friend but from his attitude I perceived fear.
He told me to forget Luana.
My father-in-law claimed not to have been attacked, but he was very sorry for the story.
“And he added:” I got Luana’s number from herself, I remember that while she was in the pool, she dived dressed in a tank top , without a bra, which once wet made her breasts shine through …
She seemed to me, for what little I know, a slightly light girl who took on somewhat libertine behaviors for being a married woman “.

“It was that man who showed her his genitals and was beaten”

La Duca’s mother was also heard from investigators about the episode, saying that she learned from a farmhand working in his company that “Ferrara had beaten that gentleman because, according to what Luana Cammalleri declared in Ferrara, while he was in countryside at the sight of Luana he lowered his trousers showing her genitals “.
From her story (de relato) it emerges that both the man and his son-in-law would have been beaten and even the first sodomized with an object (which would not have been matched by the Prosecutor’s Office).
Cammalleri “had asked Pietro for help fearing an angry reaction from her husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law”, according to the mother-in-law.

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