The disability pension scam: 12 months and the escort, this is how the Randazzo system worked


In wiretaps recorded by investigators he boasted of getting disability pensions for everyone. Of course asking in return for the payment of a small "donation": the first 12 months after recognition of the subsidy. In addition to electoral support on the occasion of his candidacy for the city council in 2016.

It was the brain of the whole operation, Antonino Randazzo, 57 years old, from Terrasini, arrested yesterday by the finance guard for the fake invalid who have unlawfully benefited from social security or welfare allowances thanks to an organization, discovered by the yellow flames, which operated in the Palermo area and dealt, in exchange for money, with the whole process to obtain the subsidy. In addition to Randazzo he ended up under house arrest too Filippo Accardo, 48 years old, from Camporeale. In addition to them, dozens are under investigation.

THE ESCORT. The suspects also included Dr. Giuseppe Lo Baido, 66, of Partinico, for whom the prosecutor had asked for the arrest but the investigating judge did not consider the clues sufficient. He is accused of having signed false medical certificates attesting to non-existent pathologies. In return "he accepted money and benefits – reads the provision -, including a sexual service".

THE RANDAZZO SYSTEM. According to what emerged Randazzo found the false invalid thanks to word of mouth among relatives, friends and acquaintances. "By now everyone knows you in town …", an interlocutor flattered him. And he did not deny his entries: "I can have seven or eight trusted doctors … when you want money, just ring me …". At that point, Accardo came into action, who prepared the necessary documents through the Caf: "I – assured Randazzo – have" unseared "hands (strung editor's note) from all sides".

And you could really find everything: blind people able to read the letters taken from the mailbox, people unable to walk alone driving the car, individuals with the accompanying allowance caught caught performing in group dances.
The network that allowed fake and blind disabled people to receive pensions and accompaniment could count on Caf managers, specialist and general practitioners and members of the ASP commissions. The practices followed by Antonino Randazzo and Filippo Accardo always had a privileged line and often succeeded in the goal: to allow false disabled people to be able to receive the monthly allowance.

"The investigations have allowed to shed light on a consolidated system over the years," says Colonel Gianluca Angelini, commander of the economic and financial police force of Palermo, who conducted the investigations coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Sergio Demontis and the deputy Francesca Mazzocco. The trick of the scam was discovered thanks to the report of a betrayed and abandoned husband. The man, as stated in the order for pre-trial detention signed by the investigating judge Piergiorgio Morosini, after his separation from his wife went to the police station in Partinico revealing that his wife, despite receiving the invalidity pension, was a "false blind man". Investigators handed over all the documents necessary to trace the scam, including the doctor's certificate sent to INPS. The Guardia di Finanza seized the civil invalidity practice transmitted by Filippo Accardo, who manages two Cafes.

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