The day of life in Ragusa: blessing of babies and mothers and planted an almond tree

Freedom, life and responsibility. The message of the Italian Bishops’ Conference unfolded on these issues on the occasion of the 43rd edition of the National Day for Life which yesterday was also celebrated in Ragusa, at the John Paul II hospital.

The appointment, promoted by the diocese of Ragusa, by the diocesan office for the pastoral care of health in particular, in collaboration with the diocesan office for the pastoral care of the family, the office for teaching the Catholic religion, and, specifically , the Center for Aid to Life in agreement with Asp 7, has pushed the bishops to question the meaning of freedom starting from the time of the pandemic that the community is experiencing and which has forced everyone to limitations and distances. The initiative was initially characterized by the Holy Mass and the blessing of newborns in the Obstetrics ward.

Then, in the Neonatology ward, the blessing of premature babies. Then, a symbolic and significant appointment, organized by the Center for Aid to Life, represented by Carlo and Maria Moltisanti, with the planting of an almond tree in the garden in front of the hospital, a symbol of life in bloom. Next to the tree the inscription “Every human life, unique and unrepeatable, which is valid for itself, is an inestimable value” of St. John Paul II. The relative moment of prayer was presided over by Monsignor Roberto Asta, apostolic administrator of the diocese of Ragusa.

The symbol of the day for life, a small tree, was given to new mothers and expectant mothers. Along with this, also the image of the day with the child in the center, a great gift from God, and Mary and Joseph around, a symbol of protection of the great gift of life from the dangers that attack it. The mothers were thanked for their “yes” to life, the same “yes” pronounced by Mary. “I want to thank the head physician, Dr. Giuseppe Bonanno – underlines the director of the Health Ministry, the priest Giorgio Occhipinti – for his introduction to this appointment.

During the mass, I thanked the doctors and health workers of the ward for their service in favor of life. The ribbon affixed to the tree with the names represents all the children born during the year. About 120. Life and freedom also mean responsibility. All this through the security measures carried out in this period of pandemic: by depriving ourselves of hugs, closeness, we preserve the lives of others with sacrifice and love. The only one not wearing masks and not respecting the distances is our heart that from afar can hold everyone in a deep embrace “.

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