The daughter of the boss Sparacio has been arrested, assets worth 1 million euros under lock and key

New blow to the mafia clans active in the city. The financiers of the provincial command are executing a personal and real precautionary measure against the daughter of the well-known Messina boss Salvatore Sparacio, with the simultaneous seizure of two bars in the city center, real estate and furniture for an estimated value of over 1 million euros .

Salvatore Sparacio, has recently jumped to the headlines in the context of the anti-mafia operation called “Provinciale” with which, among other things, in the course of April 2021, the criminal operations of the group headed by the aforementioned and to its historical members, AM cl. 74, CC cl. 81, CL cl. 77 and SA cl. 84, operating in the area of ​​the city center, in the “Rione Ariella”, better known as “Fondo Pugliatti”. In this context, the investigations directed by the Messina Anti-Mafia District Directorate and carried out by the specialists of the GICO of the Nanza Peloritana financial police had documented how the investigated mafia group constituted an important citizen reference for illicit bets, so much so as to check commissions of 40% on collections from bets, also thanks to consolidated relationships with Maltese sector executives, also noting dangerous connections with local politicians. That it was an important mafia clan, moreover – the investigators write – it was also acquired on the occasion of the funeral of Salvatore Sparacio’s father when, in April 2020, in the middle of the first lockdown, the way to pay homage to the deceased caused a sensation, in violation of all anti Covid regulations in force at the time. Today’s measures, on the other hand, always ordered by the investigating judge of the Ibunale of Messina, at the request of the Peloritana Anti-Mafia District Attorney, see the daughter of the boss Sparacio investigated and subject to house arrest (to be considered innocent until a final judgment), by heading fictitious corporate realities, real estate and cars, actually referable to the father secretly. More specifically, according to the indictment hypothesis, in any case based on provisional charges and which must be confirmed in the hearing and in the subsequent stages of judgment, precisely in order to circumvent the provisions on patrimonial measures provided for by the Anti-Mafia Code, or to facilitate the commission of other crimes, such as receiving stolen goods, laundering and use of money, goods or utilities of illicit origin, the woman allegedly assumed the ownership of these commercial activities, located in the very central Corso Cavour di Messina and known to be a favorite destination for the youth nightlife. In the course of the technical investigations carried out over time, it emerged, in fact, how the father made autonomous decisions, without in the least consulting his daughter, only the formal owner, as in the case in which he reproached his companion AM cl. 74 even for having the counterman answer the phone, also arranging to fire him: “But what the ca … answers the phone, he has to stay behind the counter … go and scold him. … he must not answer the phone … what is this brothel…. Monday he has to go… too daddy is ”. Still, likewise, emerged as the boss SS cl. 75 even the economic management of the catering establishments subjected to seizure was remitted: “… we have to give them a squeeze on expenses … … I have been shopping continuously for two days and it doesn’t work …”. These converging elements of evidence, combined with an analytical reconstruction of the assets acquired in the last twenty years by the boss SS cl. 75 and by the members of his family unit – aimed at verifying the compatibility of the assets with respect to the legitimate income capacity declared – and which returned a picture of evident inequality between the asset increases compared to the legitimately produced income, allowed the competent Judge to order the today’s measure. In this sense, therefore, the requests formulated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Messina were shared, considering the woman a mere “screen” of her father, aware of the risk of incurring kidnapping measures in relation to her criminal status. More specifically, the seizure order carried out today by the Fiamme Gialle concerned, in addition to the two bars, also a 25% share of a srls, based in Messina and operating in the advertising consultancy sector, no. 2 buildings also located in Messina, n. 1 car and cash equal to € 15,000.00, all for a total estimated value of € 1.1 million.

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