The dance of ladies and knights in Piazza Duomo in Catania relives the 19th century

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For an afternoon the historic center of Catania relived the atmosphere of the distant 800.
From the courtyard of Palazzo degli Elefanti, yesterday evening, the ladies and knights of the Association came out for a parade and then for an exhibition in Piazza Duomo.
cultural “Danzando l’Ottocento”.
The sumptuous dresses of the ladies, which perfectly match the precious clothes of that era, were also admired by the many tourists present in the city during this period.
Then the dances, waltzes, quadrilles and all the other couple dances so popular in that century.
The cultural association “Danzando l’Ottocento” aims to recreate the atmosphere of the great nineteenth-century halls through the study of traditional nineteenth-century dances.


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