The crumbling tree is still in front of the school, the pupils of the Vitale class in another building

Although more than a week late, the pupils of the Vitali school have finally started the school year. However, they did so in the Salerno complex, the headquarters of the Cruillas Comprehensive Institute. In fact, their institute is still closed. The removal of the unsafe tree, which is located in front of the entrance, has not yet been completed. First the basket, necessary to reach the top of the pine, was missing, then it arrived but it failed during the operations.

“The operation – says councilor Massimo Giaconia, who is personally following the intervention – has been blocked several times and postponed because the only means with a basket supplied in the Villas and gardens sector, suitable for doing this type of work. , it never worked properly. In truth, even this morning the elevator basket did not get up, even though it had recently undergone repairs (it seems absurd but that’s how it went). The beginning of the removal operations – continues Giaconia – was however possible, above all thanks to the workers in the sector, who with great self-denial and with the awareness that this inconvenience is causing many inconveniences to the school community, have worked with another vehicle with a basket even though it was not really suitable because it is equipped with a lifting capacity The operations – conclude the director – will continue tomorrow and, it is hoped that they will be concluded as soon as possible, so that the pupils and pupils of the Vitali plexus can return soon to follow the lessons in their classrooms “. In the meantime, the three halls of the plant have been transformed into a classroom: desks, chairs and blackboards have been positioned inside each of them to allow two classes to teach at the same time. “By doing so – explains the head teacher Maria Rosa Caldarella in PalermoToday – we avoided the double shifts. Classes enter at 8.30 and leave at 11.30. We will go on like this for a few more days because the tree is big, but by now it should be shortly” .

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