the crisis unit will be activated, schools closed

The trade union ordinance with which schools have been closed until Friday 29 October will not be enough. With the red weather alert of the civil protection and the arrival of the Madicane cyclone, further measures will be taken to protect the population. At work in these hours the commissioner Massimiliano Minutoli who during a summit with the Prefecture has assessed further risks and where necessary took additional safety measures that will be explained shortly also in modification of the trade union ordinance in force. In fact, the further closure of nursery schools and nursery schools is also under discussion. Meanwhile, from 11.30 pm this evening the crisis unit will be active at the Government Palace to coordinate any interventions until the end of the emergency.

The Rescue Coordination Center has been activated in the Prefecture Meanwhile, the first indications arrive from the prefecture. In the Government Palace, in consideration of the warning messages relating to the wave of bad weather also foreseen within this provincial territory, the activation of the Rescue Coordination Center (CCS) was ordered, from 4 pm today 28 October until once the needs have ceased, in order to coordinate all the interventions necessary to resolve any critical issues resulting from the incipient, adverse weather conditions. With prefectoral circulars, addressed to the Municipalities of this Metropolitan City, the attention of the mayors and extraordinary commissioners of the Municipalities of the province was drawn to the framework of meteorological forecasts relating to the announced events of significant intensity, referred to in the Regional Civil Protection Notice for the Meteo-Hydrogeological and Hydraulic Risk n. 21301 from 4 pm on October 28, 2021 until midnight on October 29, 2021. Focus on streams and rivers In particular, they were asked to immediately take any initiative necessary for the protection of public and private safety, preparing all the measures provided for in their emergency planning, aimed at avoiding any danger to the population, also providing for the ” immediacy to the establishment of COCs Among other things, the monitoring by Local Authorities of the road network present in their respective territories was stimulated, through the activation of “territorial structures” – with supervisory tasks and technical intervention, particularly in the event of emergency phases – as well as careful monitoring of watercourses and verification of the relevant hydraulic works. The constant observation of rivers, streams and rivers was also urged, in order to prevent any flooding that could cause dangerous situations for the population in the area, as well as preventive maintenance of the road network, in order to avoid flooding of the roadways with consequent risk for users. Public offices, request for the activation of work in an “agile” form Furthermore, in consideration of the foregoing, the need to limit travel to and from workplaces as much as possible was agreed within the CCS and, therefore, the prudent evaluation of whether it is advisable to arrange that for tomorrow, Friday 29 October, the work performance of employees takes place, where possible, only in an agile form. The top management of the Police Headquarters, the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri, the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza, the Departmental Forestry Inspectorate, the Provincial Command of the Fire Brigade, the Polstrada, the Port Authorities participate in the Rescue Coordination Center, coordinated by the Prefecture. of Messina and Milazzo, the Metropolitan City and the Municipality of Messina, the Regional Department of Civil Protection Service of Messina, the University Hospital, the “Papardo” Hospital, the “Piedmont” Hospital, IRCCS “Bonino Pulejo”, the Emergency Health Emergencies 118, ANAS and the Sicilian Highway Consortium. Furthermore, from 11.30 pm and until the end of the need, the crisis unit will be operational in the Civil Protection room of this Government Palace to monitor the evolution of the situation in real time and coordinate any interventions. Article in update

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