“The crisis in Afghanistan is destined to aggravate the situation”

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 11:13

Share “The migratory phenomenon continues to be unaddressed, it is only talked about on the occasion of these maxi landings. Unfortunately, the spotlight has long been off and the crisis in Afghanistan is destined to aggravate the situation: everyone is mobilizing for refugees, while migrants economics are totally ignored, leaving Italy to deal with the problem “. To tell Adnkronos is the mayor of Lampedusa, Totò Martello, after the maxi landing which took place last night. Following other 5 sea carts, intercepted in the waters in front of Lampedusa, brought another 117 migrants to the island, bringing to 803 people who arrived in a few hours on the largest of the Pelagias. The maxi landing of Lampedusa: 686 migrants landed, 5 taken to the outpatient clinic, 1,091 to the hotspot Boarding on the quarantine ship Aurelia, sailing from Augusta to Lampedusa, will begin by tonight. “The situation is under control – explains Martello -, the reception machine has now been run in. The landings in Lampedusa are nothing new, the point is that a different approach is needed. We are facing the problem of reception but not that of migration. . This is what we need to think about “. In recent months, the mayor of Lampedusa had asked Prime Minister Draghi for a meeting to “address the phenomenon of migration through the gaze of a frontier territory”. “I have not received any response to my appeal”, concludes the mayor. VIDEO. Old iron fishing boat arrives in Lampedusa: on board there are over 500 migrants

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