the Court of Appeal acquits Calogero Giambalvo:

L’former municipal councilor of Castelvetrano Calogero Giambalvo was acquitted by the Section IV of the Court of Appeal of Palermo (President Massimo Corleo).

The Attorney General, Carlo Marzella, for Giambalvo he had asked for the sentence of 8 years. In the first instance, the former municipal councilor, who had chosen the shortened procedure, was acquitted by the judge for the preliminary hearings Fernando Sestito, after the request for conviction of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate at 10 years.

The Attorney General appealed to the acquittal of the first instance, asking for the renewal of the preliminary investigation, adding further elements such as attempted extortion of Nicolò Clemente, the electoral campaign for the regional and municipal in Castelvetrano and the 2014 municipal in Campobello di Mazara.

The Court of Appeal, on the other hand, declared the declarations of the collaborator of justice (now deceased) Lorenzo Cimarosa. Calogero Giambalvo was defended by lawyers Roberto Tricoli, Enzo Salvo is Massimiliano Miceli.

Giambalvo was arrested on November 19, 2014 for mafia association, as part of the transaction “Eden 2″. After his return to the municipal council, the Municipality of Castelvetrano was dissolved for mafia infiltration and the police station. For the accusation Giambalvo would have used the “mafia method”In three election campaigns.

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