The courses against scholastic dispersion are still, the families' protest is mounting: 5 thousand students on stand by


They were designed to combat early school leaving. But in Pirandello's land, where it is not possible to distinguish between the true and the false, those courses – to face the escape from education – have not yet begun. The bell was ringed last September 12th only for the first ordinary years. The second, third and fourth years of the courses are still still at stake and the members – amid concern, fears and protests from parents – are still at home or, worse still, hanging around.

A "standstill" – which is not even biological – which does not only concern the Agrigento area, but the entire island. But from the land of Pirandello a strong, indeed very strong, chorus of indignation is raised because Iefp courses – which lead to professional training – are those that guarantee school attendance up to the mandatory age.

The Regional Councilor for Education, Robero Lagalla, had made it known that the courses would start with a maximum delay of one month. Probably, therefore, in mid-October. The calendar, the course of time is inexorable, but it arrived almost in mid-November.

Already, in the past weeks, the representatives of the training institutions have made their voices heard so that the second, third and fourth years of the Iefp courses – which are used, to be repeated indefinitely, to combat scholastic dispersion – could start. Courses needed, therefore, to guarantee the right to study for children but also to give work certainty for the employees of the institutions.

It is not excluded, without prejudice to the current state of affairs, that families, together with the teachers of the institutions, may decide to take to the streets. In Agrigento or Palermo, it is not yet clear. But the protest mounts: more than 5 thousand students "parked", waiting to return to form.

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