The Council rejects the motion of no confidence to the mayor, Orlando: “I’m not tired and I go on”

the-council-rejects-the-motion-of-no-confidence-in-the-first-citizen, -orlando: -

With 20 votes against and 19 in favor (39 those present), the City Council rejected the motion of no confidence to the mayor Leoluca Orlando. The long confrontation in the Chamber, which began at 10 this morning, thus ends with the confirmation of the first citizen at the helm of the city government until the end of the union in 2022.

The result of the vote therefore strengthens the mayor and regroups a majority that in the recent past has had several internal frictions. From the interventions in the Council, which returned to meet after six months, a split emerged in the opposition front that had presented the motion of no confidence. The distance between the center-right groups on the one hand (Lega, Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia) appeared clear; Movement 5 Stars, Oso and + Europe on the other side. To be more concrete: a real groove has been created in relations between minorities.

No-confidence motion rejected and Orlando excepted, the opposition in the Council is split

In the majority, on the other hand, what most councilors have defined as a “sense of responsibility” prevailed, while not denying the many difficulties in administrative action and emergencies that afflict the city.

“I can only thank those who presented this motion of no confidence – said Orlando – because it allowed us to clarify: it was important to understand who is on which side.