the cost of tickets increases, controversy erupts

Editorial staff July 26, 2021 12:47

Modern art is back in the Valley of the Temples and, of course, the controversies are back too. For some days, even if it has not been officially presented, some works have appeared in the archaeological area that are part of the “Quantum Man” exhibition by the Venetian sculptor Gianfranco Meggiato. An installation that will cost over 250 thousand euros to “Mondo Mostre”, the company that takes care of major events in the context of the private management of the additional services of the Archaeological Park, an amount that will obviously be borne by the visitors. From 1 August, the day on which the exhibition will be inaugurated, the entrance ticket to the Valley will cost 12 euros, with a small percentage of the only increase that will go to the Park coffers. A choice, that of hosting the new exhibition, which was formally opposed in the Park Council by a member, the lawyer Luigi Troja. “I expressed my opposition – he explains – because I believe that these initiatives, especially carried out in summer, do not bring any real advantage to the territory and to the Valley but rather the opposite. Despite the difficult period of tourism, in August the accesses the archaeological area will already be high in itself: inserting an exhibition in this period, with a consequent increase in the ticket, appears to be an illogical choice “. Honestly not new controversies: quite the contrary. In the past, in fact, exhibitions of this type were always promoted in the summer, when the number of visitors increased. But not only. Many have always considered the combination of modern and classical art to be at least forced. “I have already asked in the past – explains Troja – that the statue of Mitoraj be removed, which today is still placed in front of the temple of Concordia”.

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