The complaints of Tranchida to Oddo. The processes remain separate

Agreement always denied by Giacomo Tranchida. Cettina Montalto, candidate for the municipal council of the Vetta, supported Ignazio Sanges, antagonist of Giacomo Tranchida, but since the split vote was possible, according to Oddo’s thesis, the woman …

The Trapanese towards the elections In Marsala a challenge to five

… In the race for Palazzo VII Aprile? There are the socialists of the regional secretary Nino Oddo, there are … A bit like it was for Giacomo Tranchida, current mayor of Trapani, who in 2018 put together pieces …

Crime and politics in San Giuliano. Diego Pipitone speaks

If he has one regret, it is to have helped Luigi Manuguerra and Nino Oddo, the only two… He speaks well of Daniela Toscano, very well of Giacomo Tranchida. With Daniela Toscano he did some …

Trapani, the new Ztl already does not like many. Everything you need to know

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