The colors and stories of the Mediterranean in the Magnum volume by Giacomo Palermo

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The new work by Sicilian photographer Giacomo Palermo entitled “MAGNUM” (Terra Magnum) has been published, an anthological photographic chronicle of the “Mare Magnum”, the Mediterranean, through the story of the characteristics and daily stories of the “Cradle of Civilization” .

This is the new work by the photojournalist, author of reportages, articles and documentaries for images, evocative and profound like those that tell the life and works of Friar Biagio Conte and the thousand faces of traditional and contemporary Sicily.

In Magnum, starting from the principle that the photo chronicle is a way of expressing oneself more with images than with words, in this narration the “Mediterranean” (which has always been a sea that has divided peoples but also brought them closer), Giacomo Palermo tells the life of the peoples of the “Sea” in the midst of the Lands, the multicultural heart of a special territory “images that, like pieces of a mosaic, offer a possible composition”.

The stage of millennia of history opens up to a future marked by rapid and profound transformations.
the images freeze the frames of a historical moment in which the South of the World is more and more fluid, changeable and cause of change.

Images that capture the essence, the soul free from divisions deriving from political, ethnic and religious categorizations that bind an invisible and essential underground network for the history of the Mediterranean.

Giacomo Palermo is a photoreporter who deals with sociological and humanitarian research in the Mediterranean area.
He is a missionary and a volunteer at the “Hope and Charity” Onlus mission in Palermo founded by the lay brother Biagio Conte.
Winner in 2015 of the Special Award of the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations dedicated to the most influential Italian humanitarian photographer, Tina Medotti.
In 2021 his project entitled Terra Magnum (Mediterranean) was included in “The Magnum Connect Program” of the most important and prestigious photographic agency in the world, Magnum Photos.
He has exhibited in photographic collectives such as in the International Center of Photography in Palermo founded by Letizia Battaglia.


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