The city of Modica? It has become a circuit! Click the online petition

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05 Jul 2022 11:45

An online petition because the city of Modica has become “a circuit”.
This is the meaning of the petition launched on by “Modica imagining the future”.

Disturbance of public peace and security: these are the themes proposed.

“Episodes of dangerous driving by motorcycles that travel the city streets with harmful and dangerous behaviors such as wheelies, risky overtaking, driving at high speed, non-compliance with pedestrian crossings and continuous production of deafening noises probably due to not homologated mufflers or tuned engines.

Many city streets are often used as “competition tracks” compromising the safety, decorum and quiet of our urban context, declared “Unesco Heritage”.
In this way, the city cannot be fully enjoyed either by the citizens or by the numerous visiting tourists, who increasingly complain of the inconvenience connected to practices of real “urban rudeness”.

The petition calls for a timely intervention by the institutions to counter these phenomena, so that a healthy civil coexistence can be restored.

In the periods in which controls and counter actions were put in place (which also led to the seizure of those vehicles that were not approved), the phenomenon showed an appreciable reduction.
Obviously, as soon as the controls are loosened, this kind of situation arises.

To sign or read the petition click here.

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