The Circle at the Favorita between art, music and fashion

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Entertainment, innovation, music, art and fashion.
All in the sign of “made in Sicily”, thanks to “The Circle, the social event dedicated to the exaltation of Sicilian excellence which takes place on Wednesday 6 July at the Campo ad Ostacoli della Favorita.

Organized by the cultural association “Isole di Circe” and sponsored by the municipality of Palermo and by the Regional Tourism, Sport and Entertainment Department, it is a totally multimedia format in which glamor, art and entertainment mix and alternate in an innovative way, creating an experience truly unique.

The evening is marked by moments dedicated to music thanks to the presence of the singer from Palermo, former competitor of “The Voice of Italy”, Daria Biancardi and the elegant String Quartet of the Sicilian Philharmonic Orchestra.

The eclectic artist Igor Scalisi will interpret Sicily with a live performance.

Sicilianity is therefore best interpreted also by the food and wine specialties of the food and drink companies during an opening cocktail, to the notes of a DJ set with international rhythms.
Digital exhibition, art, fashion, innovation and entertainment therefore rotate in a circle to create culture and regenerate energy and emotions.

News from Sicily 2022-07-05 12:53:00

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