The CGIL presses the mayor of Syracuse: full time contracts for 300 workers

“The position taken by the mayor of Syracuse on the requests made by municipal employees who claim a just working dignity through a full-time contract after years of first precarious and then part-time work was somewhat disrespectful. because it is clearly offensive towards the approximately 300 workers who for years have been carrying out superior duties and supporting the backbone of the entire municipal administrative machine “. This was stated by Franco Nardi general secretary of the public function of the CGIL of Syracuse.
The trade unionist continues: “We invite the Mayor to frequent the municipal administration offices more, ask your managers how the offices and services are organized and which real and not fictitious tasks are entrusted to the majority of part-time workers in the level B. We advise the Mayor to leave out the innumerable commitments that haunt him every day, take a few days off, and maybe go and visit these workers in the workplace and check which tasks and responsibilities are assigned to them, in order to realize that thanks to their professionalism, responsibility and sense of duty today allow most of the offices to guarantee regular administrative activity, guaranteeing, for example, urban planning and public works offices to prepare projects, civil protection and social services offices to ensure services for the citizens most in difficulty and less well-off “.