The Cervantes Institute Palermo presents “Cervantes and Pirandello: a fruitful literary dialogue”

For the cycle “II Palermitan Lessons of Hispanism on line

Thursday 29 April, at 5.00 pm

Streaming conference entitled

“Cervantes and Pirandello: a fruitful literary dialogue”

For the last appointment of the cycle “II Palermitan Lessons of Hispanism on line“, In which renowned Hispanist experts have so far delved into important issues relating to the writers of theGolden Age (Siglo de Oro), L’Cervantes Institute of Palermo (Via Argenteria Nuova, 33) presents the conference – scheduled for Thursday 29 April, at 17.00 – from the title “Cervantes and Pirandello: a fruitful literary dialogue”, edited by Dr. Carlo Basso.

The Don Quijote it was a crucial reading for the Sicilian playwright, writer and poet Luigi Pirandello.

Under the author’s magnifying glass, Miguel de Cervantes’ masterpiece becomes the prime example of humor in literature and, at the same time, an unsurpassed model of meta-narrative construction.

This dialogue offers an essential reading key to better understand Pirandello’s poetics and its literary implications, but not only.

Following the maxim of Jorge Luis Borges – according to which each author creates his own precursors – re-read the Don Quijotand from the perspective of Pirandello it opens up to new interpretative possibilities of Cervantes’ masterpiece.

There is as much quixoticism in Pirandello’s characters as Pirandellism in Cervantine’s meta-narrative constructions.

To guide, those who want to participate, in this path of more in-depth knowledge – and from a new point of view, in some ways – will be, in fact, Carlo Basso, PhD student in “Literature and comparative cultures” and expert on the subject in Literature Spanish at the University of Turin.

Already a scholar of the bidirectional relationship between Italian and Spanish literature, his research interests touch, with particular attention, the intertextual dialogue between Italian storytellers and the works of Cervantes and the reception of Don Quijote in the production of Pirandello. He is the author of the book “Cervantes and Pirandello: a metanarrative dialogueor“(Academy University Press, 2020).

Basso currently works on the religious aspects and the dialogue with the arts (painting and music) in Cervantes’ latest novel, the “Persiles“.

To participate in the conference, which will take place in Italian on the Zoom platform, it is necessary to register, by 12.00 on Thursday 29 April, by sending an email to, in order to receive the access credentials (link and password).

All the conferences of the cycle, including this one, are recorded and subsequently published on the Youtube channel of the Instituto Cervantes in Palermo.

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