The celebrations in honor of the patron saint of Enna are back

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Enna 06/29/2022 – As is known, from today, the solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, the solemn celebrations in honor of Maria SS.
of the Visitation, patroness of the Enna people, with the procession from the church of San Pietro, of the keys that will open the chapel containing the statue of the Madonna and the translation from the marble chapel to the main altar.
A long-awaited moment by the Enna population, limited in the past years by the Covid-19 emergency.

On Friday 1 July, the Administration and the City Council, with the banner of the City, will pay the traditional tribute to the Patroness.

Saturday 2 July, after the solemn procession, at the end of the fireworks, there will be a musical show in Piazza Europa, which will see the artists Mario Incudine, Enzo Avitabile and Max Busa as protagonists on stage.

Sunday 17 July there will be the procession of the Simulacrum of the Madonna and the return of Maria SS.
of the Visitation to the cathedral.
Starting at 9:00 pm, the “à’mmuntata” event will be held in Piazza Umberto, with the following shows: itinerant brass band and final on the platform; video mapping projected in the main façade of the Garibaldi Theater; final concert by artist Cohiba.

The Mayor Maurizio Dipietro addresses a message of good wishes to the people of Enna, the clergy and the faithful for the resumption of the celebrations in honor of the Madonna: “after two years of pandemic our city will return, with joy, to celebrate its patroness, Maria SS .
of the Visitation, to which we all rely.
We ask her for a blessing on our community and on the whole world, a good harvest, the gift of health, peace and fraternity among peoples ”.

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