The cardiologist killed in Favara, doctors and nurses in the procession today: enough violence

Doctors and nurses, still shocked by the murder of Favara cardiologist Gaetano Alaimo who was shot dead in his clinic on November 19, will take to the streets to say “enough”.

And they will, wearing their lab coats, this afternoon.
Lhe event was promoted by the Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Agrigento. The professional orders of veterinarians, biologists, psychologists, pharmacists, nurses, but also the committee of the Italian Red Cross and the Misericordia di Favara brotherhood have joined.
The procession will wind its way from Piazza Pirandello to the headquarters of the Asp. Only one inspiring principle of the march: «We are not heroes. And we are not guilty.”

«The phenomenon of attacks on doctors and, more generally, on healthcare personnel is alarming. In this context, two sides of the same coin collide: the patient, who has the right to be treated, and the doctor, who has the duty to cure.
The health organization depends on the State which decides and chooses the offer of the health service».
Santo Pitruzzella, president of Omceo Agrigento, said so a few hours after the march of doctors and nurses.

«What stresses the patient determining the main causes of the attacks? The long wait in the emergency rooms, the waiting lists for a specialist visit or an instrumental investigation and this occurs due to the insufficient number of personnel – explained Pitruzzella – In the emergency rooms there are very few doctors because few choose the scholarship in Emergency Medicine and Surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to give economic incentives to health professionals, mainly doctors in emergency areas, by doubling salaries. The Government is silent and does not say that the king is naked. And then we say so.”
«The difficulty that in this moment there is in providing an optimal service – said Luigi Burruano, president of the dentistry register commission – with rapid services and within the scheduled times, he sees the cause not so much in a non-availability on the part of doctors or freelancers, but in an objective suffering of services, structures, entire healthcare organization. We dentists also ask people not to forget that the doctor is on the side of the patient – concluded Burruano -. Think that the cause of a disservice to be attributed to the doctor so much as to generate acts of violence is absolutely not justifiable”.

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