The carabinieri knock on his door and he throws drugs from the balcony: arrested

Editorial staff 29 September 2021 11:30

Share A 26-year-old offender from Catania was arrested by the carabinieri on charges of possession of drugs for the purpose of dealing. The man, under house arrest at his home in via Ustica, was strongly suspected of continuing his old business from home. Having identified the right moment, the soldiers therefore showed up at his home, but not before having placed the balconies under visual control to prevent him from getting rid of the drug on their “unwelcome visit”. And in fact, by delaying the opening of the front door, he took care to throw the drug on viale Tirreno and via Ustica. The military, however, was ready to receive that “gift from heaven” and, in the end, they collected about 150 grams of marijuana and 310 of cocaine, the latter already partially divided into single doses to be sold per minute. Then they entered the house with the help of an anti-drug dog, and they found an additional envelope containing cocaine, which fell from the man’s hands while he was disposing of the drug, and the material necessary for the packaging of the narcotic substance. At their request, the wife handed over the sum of 500 euros deemed to be the proceeds of the drug dealing and seized. During the activity, moreover, the military extended the search to the entire building, finding, in an uninhabited apartment on the first floor, a quantity of over 1200 grams of marijuana. The arrested man was taken to the Piazza Lanza prison.

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