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Barrafranca: the Carabinieri arrest a man who held a rifle illegally.
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The soldiers of the Stations of Pietraperzia and of Barrafranca and of the Carabinieri Squadron Hunters of Sicily carried out a local search in the Runzi district against a 59-year-old convicted resident of Barrafranca. The man had hidden under the seats of a van he owned, parked on the family farm, a rifle cal. 12 with abraded serial number. In the continuation of the search inside the company, 26 12-gauge cartridges were also found, hidden in a pack of ice cream and two number plates of a vehicle found stolen in 2003. The subsequent investigations also made it possible to discover an abusive connection to electricity and a real landfill of about 200 square meters, in which special and hazardous waste was accumulated. The entire area affected by the landfill was immediately seized.

The 59-year-old originally from Mazzarino, but resident in Barrafranca, held responsible for a series of violations of various kinds, after the formalities of the rite, on the order of the Public Prosecutor of Enna was accompanied to his home under house arrest.

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