the Canicattinese entrepreneur will be able to continue his mandate

Francesco Di Natale remains at the helm of the Cna of Agrigento. An election characterized by a unanimous vote complete with acclamation.

The Canicattinese entrepreneur will thus be able to continue his mandate, which began in April 2019, when he was called to lead the structure at the end of the four-year period, set precisely for 2021. “I can only express my heartfelt and sincere thanks to all the delegates who wanted to show me their esteem and appreciation also through the vote – says Di Natale – which translates into a widespread and widespread consensus. It is a result that obviously makes me even more responsible for the new path that has just begun. It was a very participatory assembly, embellished by the presence of our general secretary, Sergio Silvestrini, during which a climate of renewed enthusiasm emerged and a strong will on the part of all to want to give their contribution so that our Confederation is, increasingly, a qualified point of reference for artisans and entrepreneurs and for the entire territory “. However, this was not the only confirmation at the end of the consultation: in fact, Claudio Spoto remains provincial secretary, who has been recognized for his human value and profitable professional activity, carried out at the service of the administrative structure. The presidency office will be composed of Roberta Tuttolomondo, Filippo Inglima, Elio D’Orsi, Gero Nobile, Salvatore D’Amico, Giuseppe Picarella, Francesca Alferi and Daniela Salemi. “This is the team entrusted with the task, with the support of the secretary Spoto, of guiding – underlines Di Natale – our organization in the territory according to the shared programmatic lines and the objectives set in the management and assembly. I trust in the commitment and availability of everyone, including the over 30 presidents of the professions and the presidents of interest groups, professionals and retirees, to achieve new and important results in the interest of the members and the organization “. The conclusions of the proceedings were entrusted to the Secretary General Silvestrini. For the national leader of the Confederation, “our country will make a qualitative leap when it manages to be united, from north to south”. Certificates and awards were also delivered to artisans, entrepreneurs and administrative staff with the artistic performances of the tenor Andrea Donzella and the musician Ugo Adamo. The performance of the European Anthem was also appreciated through the evocative sound of the bells made by Luigi Mulè Cascio. Finally, a large cake celebrated the 50 years of life of the Cna of Agrigento.

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