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PALERMO – On the one hand, the justifications branded as “laughable” by the judgeon the other hand, the investigations into Brancaccio’s mafia and the possible “obligations” with characters linked to the Cosa Nostra.

The investigating judge Lirio Conti rejected the request for release made by Francesco Lombardothe candidate for the City Council of Palermo for Brothers of Italy arrested in recent days for political-mafia electoral exchange with the boss Vincenzo Vella.

“Salvuccio greengrocer 6”

Lombardo handed over during the interrogation a memo with some surnames and the votes next to it he could count on.
These include Salvo Sinagra, Vella’s son-in-law, who ran the illegal fruit and vegetable stall where the meeting between Lombardo and the mafia was immortalized.

Six would be the votes noted next to the surname Sinagra – “salvuccio greengrocer 6” – but in his heart Lombardo hoped to take “a stone”.
A term, so said Lombardo, in reference to the large family of Sinagra, certainly not to the mafia.
“Will you collect the votes for me?” Said Lombardo, intercepted.

“Encounters with criminal subjects”

Vella defended himself by claiming that he had moved away from certain circles after being released from prison due to the expiry of the terms of custody despite a 20-year first degree sentence (the episode had been reconstructed by Livesicilia).
The prosecutor, however, challenged him a series of “Encounters with subjects clearly included in criminal circuits of very significant depth”.

In particular, we focus on the figure of Antonino Chiappara, arrested last May, considered one of the strong men in the Roccella district.
His relations with Vella are part of the line of investigations concerning strictly mafia dynamics.

The electoral facsimiles

There would be inconsistencies in the stories of the two suspects.
Lombardo said he was aware of Vella’s criminal past and had therefore kept him at a distance.
Vella for his part, he explained that he had received from the candidate, a couple of days before his arrest, electoral facsimiles.
On this point, Lombardo reported that he had delivered them only to Sinagra two weeks before the vote.

Possible involvement of other people

The investigations of the mobile team, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Paolo Guido, are verifying the possible involvement of other people.
The investigators sift through Lombardo’s political activity (in the past he was a councilor in Villabate) and his professional surveyor.
The hypothesis is that there could be “obligations” with other “members of the mafia association”.

Lombardo remains in prison because according to the investigating judge there are serious indications of guilt and the risk of probative pollution.
The defense’s thesis asking for release from prison was not accepted because he would lack proof of the mafia method.
Both the promise of votes by a person who is part of the Cosa Nostra and “the correlative acceptance and guarantee of other benefits” would have been ascertained.

“If I go up …
I am in the town planning commission, in town planning …
I am in private construction, you understand that as soon as there is a problem here …
and you call me”, said Lombardo.

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