The candidate arrested in Catania: political storm a few days from the Regionals

After the case of the candidate for the Chamber in the province of Agrigento, Calogero Pisano, first suspended from the party and then forced to resign due to an old post in which he praised Hitler, another tile, three days after the vote, falls in Sicily on Brothers of Italy, unleashing a political “storm”.

The former councilor Mirabella

The fact has been known since this morning: a candidate of FdI to the Regionals, and former Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Catania, Barbara Mirabella, was arrested and placed under house arrest for corruption by the mobile police team. According to the Public Prosecutor of Catania, you would have asked for and obtained a “commission” of 10 thousand euros to speed up a case.

The former rector and the entrepreneur

The investigating judge has also ordered the suspension from activity for one year for the former rector Francesco Basile from the position of director of the UOC of the Surgical Clinic of the Polyclinic and for the entrepreneur Giovanni Trova, who operates in the hospital supplies sector.

Ten suspects

Ten people are being investigated in the investigation. For eight, the prosecutor Fabio Regolo had asked for house arrest and for two entrepreneurs the suspension from the activity, but the investigating judge Sebastiano Fabio Di Giacomo Barbagallo in the order decided to issue a precautionary order only for Mirabella, Basile and Trova.

The reason for the house arrest

Against the former councilor, the investigating judge motivates the house arrest, underlining that the suspect “in addition to exploiting the public function for personal profit” would have shown “a strong ability to represent himself and also to influence the choices of the bodies of all the public administrations involved in various ways in the investigation starting with the former mayor »Salvo Pogliese.

The defense will appeal

The precautionary measure appears “excessive” to Mirabella’s lawyer, the lawyer Enrico Trantino, who announces an appeal to the Review Court “noting that the provision was issued and carried out a few days before the vote”.

The coordinator of FdI: request filed three months ago

A remark, the latter, also highlighted by the provincial coordinator of the Brothers of Italy Alberto Cardillo: “It cannot fail to leave us astonished – he says – the timing, especially in consideration of the fact that the request for precautionary measures seems to have been filed for three months does”.

The investigation

The investigation concerns two lines of investigations on Basile, already under trial for alleged university competitions “piloted” at the University of Catania. It is by investigating him that a “beacon” also lights up on the 123rd National Congress of the Italian Society of Surgery, of which the professor is the president. According to the Etnean Prosecutor “to obtain the councilor’s unconditional help for all the needs of the organization of the prestigious congress, the administrators of New congress srl, induced by Basile, would have agreed to pay 10,000 euros to the company Expo srl, of the which the commissioner Mirabella was a member, for services not necessary for the organization of the event ». Trov would have delivered a contribution of 5,000 euros to “obtain, thanks to the intervention of Basile, the increase by the Polyclinic in the purchase of devices made by its own company, Medical Ti Spa”.

The reactions

As expected, the Catania judicial investigation also triggered the reaction of other political forces. Nuccio Di Paola, M5S candidate for the presidency of the Region, said that the arrest of Mirabella “certainly does not represent the best viaticum for the next regional elections which already see a candidate on trial in the Montante trial running for the presidency” . For the secretary of the Pd Sicily Anthony Barbagallo “the method of building lists and managing consent by the Center-right is unfortunately always the same, we have contested it several times and the facts are there to prove it.” According to Claudio Fava, leader of Cento Passi, “the picture that emerges from the Catania investigation tells of a Sicily in which politics, health and education are considered the spoils of war, private property, the privilege of crafty and embezzlers”.

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