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The campers of the ASP prevention, in the last stage over a hundred performances

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The oncological prevention campers of the Palermo ASP stopped off in San Mauro Castelverde where, in collaboration with the municipal administration, the itinerant Open Day was organized.
A total of 118 services were ensured by the operators of the healthcare company of the capital who welcomed users in via Umberto and inside the rooms of the Badia Hall.

The numbers of the exams

In particular, 30 mammograms were performed and 25, including pap tests and hiv tests, tests for cervicocarcinoma screening.
Also distributed 39 sof tests for the detection of occult blood in faeces as part of colorectal cancer screening.
Also administered the anticovid vaccinations and provided the income ticket exemption service to citizens.

The next step

After San Mauro Castelverde, the ASP campers will be tomorrow, Tuesday 5 April, in Polizzi Generosa where, from 9.45 to 16.30 in Piazza Gianbattista Caruso, the “health village” will be set up with cancer screening and vaccinations, as well as the administrative desk for support.
to users also in the issue of the ticket exemption certificate for income.

The numbers of last year’s edition

Eighteen stages in as many municipalities in the province of Palermo with 4,880 services including vaccinations and cancer screening tests, but above all 6 cancers diagnosed at an early stage with people already on the second level path.
This is the balance sheet of the Itinerant Open Day organized in November and December 2021 by the Palermo ASP.

Initiative launched on 11 November 2021

From Bolognetta on 11 November to Contessa Entellina on 28 December, the provincial health company welcomed 773 women who underwent mammography on board the dedicated camper as part of breast cancer screening, while 546 tests were carried out for breast cancer.
cervicocarcinoma screening and 742 Sof Tests distributed for the detection of occult blood in the faeces for colorectal cancer screening.

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