The cameras in Via Atenea? Almost all disabled "for some time"


If the "electoral passage" of the Ztl in Via Atenea almost always seems to enjoy good health (judging by the high fines, above all), the conditions of the cameras inside the "city lounge" are less reassuring.

To say it is the Municipality itself, which has ordered some maintenance interventions given that "the video surveillance system of via Atenea has not been working for some time because of the connection nodes (plastic boxes containing transformers, power supplies, network switches and fiber optic switches) located below the roadway which are always short-circuited both for water infiltration and night condensation and for mice that gnaw at the power cables ".

Thus it is necessary to take the electronic "heart" of the system out of the way, away from infiltration and from the teeth of rodents. For this we will install some metal wall cabinets that should avoid further problems.

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