The Camaro begins the adventure in women's football

Editorial team 06 September 2021 09:14

The Camaro will participate in the women’s 11-a-side and 5-a-side football championships. The Messina club therefore broadens its horizons and begins a new and stimulating adventure by embracing a rapidly expanding movement. The “pink” sector of the Camaro will be coordinated by Eleonora Fragomeni, for four years in charge of the women’s football sector of Cus Unime and Ssd Unime and a player of the 11-a-side team. Proven group the one entrusted with the women’s 11-a-side football team, which will take part in the regional tournament of Excellence. Roberto Smedile will sit on the bench, fresh from two seasons as coach of the women’s team of Cus Unime and Ssd Unime after his previous experiences in men’s football. To take care of the athletic training will be Gabriele Sanfilippo, already last year at the Camaro, in possession of the Uefa C diploma. with numerous city clubs including men’s first teams (with Atletico Messina last time two seasons ago) and youth activities (with Fair Play the most recent). With the technician Roberto Smedile there will still be the team manager Gregorio Lo Giudice and the technical collaborator Alessandro Leardo. It will be Tiziana Impoco, former footballer and for a decade on the bench (with Asd Atene and Cus Unime), the coach of the women’s 5-a-side football team, at the starting line of the Sicilian Serie C. The 5-a-side football team will also be followed in athletic training by Sanfilippo. The goalkeeper coach will be Giuseppe Arena, formerly on the staff of Football 24 Messina. For Chiara Brizzi the role of accompanying executive.

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