the bulletin of September 5, 2021

More infections have been recorded in Sicily, in the last 24 hours, than in Lombardy (404), Lazio (417) and Piedmont (173). There are 1,024 new cases of Coronavirus ascertained on the island and indicated in the latest bulletin released by the Ministry of Health to monitor the progress of the virus in Italy. The positivity rate, based on the 14,242 processed swabs, rose from 6.6 to 7.2%.

The data relating to admissions in Covid areas are almost stable, passing from 848 to 845 (-3 compared to the previous day), and in intensive care, where 120 patients are currently found ( 3 compared to Saturday, with 10 new entries) . Another ten dead and 837 healed / discharged. Of the ten victims reported today, the Region announces that four deaths refer to 4 September, five to 3 September and one to 2 September. The number of current positives rises to 28,462 ( 177) while the number of subjects in home isolation stands at 27,497 ( 177). Among these there were also a 48-year-old woman from Alcamo and her fifteen-year-old daughter, denounced by the carabinieri for having violated the quarantine so as to be able to participate in a wedding organized in a reception room of Partinico: contact tracing of guests started. The numbers of the pandemic in Sicily weighed on the decision, taken on Friday by the top management of the Cervello hospital, to close three wards to make spaces for areas and beds dedicated to Covid subjects. These are the units of Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: the head physicians will have to discharge patients as soon as possible or transfer patients to other hospitals. The complete report in pdf format Data by province According to the data collected by the Civil Protection this is the distribution of new cases in the island (in brackets the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic): 379 in Palermo (80.379), 139 in Catania (69.946), 12 in Messina (31.598), 158 in Syracuse (21.181), 70 in Trapani (18.258), 107 in Ragusa (18.703), 88 in Caltanissetta (17.125), 50 in Agrigento (16.529) and 21 in Enna (8,749). The point about the vaccination campaign Overall, 5,821,348 doses of the 6,562,307 delivered on the island were administered (data updated at 6.14 am on 5 September 2021). The percentage of vaccinated in Sicily (between completed cycles or single dose) reaches 63.3% (-8.19 compared to the national figure considering all the over 12s). This is the distribution by age of vaccines, between boosters and single dose (the number is indicated in brackets considering also the first doses): 142984 for the age group 12-19 (201.364) 307.474, age group 20-29 (344.002), 314.093 age group 30-39 (351.627), 421.494 age group 40-49 (449.724), 511.227 age group 50-59 (532.009), 469.213 age group 60-69 (478.535), 375.677 age group 70-79 (385.194), 265.213 over 80 (271.518). Coronavirus, the bulletin from Italy da • new cases: 5,315 (yesterday 6,157);
• currently positive: -337, total 136,702;
• deaths: 49, total 129,515;
• discharged / recovered: 5.602, total 4.305.223;
• hospitalized with symptoms: 14, total 4.216;
• hospitalized in intensive care: 3, total 572;
• admissions of the day to intensive care: 37;
• tampons: 259,756.
• Total cases: 4,571,440

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