the bulletin of February 22, 2021

If on the one hand infections and hospitalizations continue to fall on the other, Sicily today exceeds the sad milestone of 4 thousand victims since the beginning of the pandemic. The deaths recorded in the latest bulletin are in fact 19 (down compared to previous weeks), a number that brings the total to 4,018. The new cases, on the other hand, are 412 out of 18,558 swabs (rapid and molecular) processed: 2.2% the positivity rate (yesterday it was 2.1).

Meanwhile, there is the certainty that the English variant has arrived in Palermo, in the minifocolaio at the Civic in fact there are four cases attributable to B.1.1.7. In hospitals there are four fewer places occupied by Covid patients: ordinary hospitalizations are 843 (-3 compared to yesterday), while intensive care is 142 (-1) with 6 new daily admissions. Few recovered, 206, while the current positives become 29,367 (+187).

The report of the new cases by province: Palermo 236, Catania 51, Messina 43, Trapani 7, Syracuse 33, Ragusa 12, Caltanissetta 15, Agrigento 6, Enna 9.

San Cipirello, Municipality asks for the red zone

There are 65 – according to the data updated to February 20 – the positives in San Cipirello. Just five days earlier they were 34. A surge in infections that prompted the Administration to ask for the red zone. “The Extraordinary Commission – reads the Facebook page – announces that following the further increase in positivity found in recent days, the request for the establishment of the red zone for the territory of San Cipirello has been renewed to the competent regional authorities. therefore, invites the population to scrupulously comply with the general provisions aimed at containing the spread of the virus. the closure to the public of the weekly market, the cemetery and – he concludes – the municipal offices, in order to limit the opportunities for contagion “.

The report of the statistics office

The Statistical Office of the Municipality of Palermo announces the data of the Coronavirus infections in the city and in the metropolitan area of ​​Palermo. In Palermo there are 10,698 currently positive subjects, with an absolute variation of +32 compared to the previous day, and a percentage variation of + 0.3%. The number of positives in the city stands at 16.26 per thousand inhabitants, while, overall, in the metropolitan city of Palermo, the current positives are 12,658 (10.18 per thousand inhabitants).

The progress of the pandemic in Sicily

The data for the week 15-21 February show a further slowdown of the pandemic in Sicily: compared to the previous week, the new positives, the current positives, the hospitalized, the people in home isolation, the deceased and also the number of new arrivals in intensive care. On the national level, however, the number of new positives recorded a slight increase. In Italy, overall, in the week from 15 to 21 February 2021 there were 87367 new positives, 2.6% more than the 85141 of the previous week; in the same period in Sicily 3246 new positives were recorded, with a decrease of 22.5% compared to 4190 of the previous week.

Starting from January 15, 2021, the data released by the Civil Protection relating to the number of swabs carried out also include rapid antigen tests. During the week from 15 to 21 February 2021 in Sicily 3149.9 swabs were carried out for every 100 thousand inhabitants. The national average figure is equal to 3137.8 swabs for every 100 thousand inhabitants. The highest number of swabs per 100 thousand inhabitants was carried out in the Public Administration of Bolzano (11949.7) and in Abruzzo (6971.0). The least number of swabs was performed in Calabria (754.7
every 100 thousand inhabitants) and Puglia (1486.5).

Excluding the control swabs, 35,703 new cases were tested in Sicily, 1.1% more than the previous week. In relation to the resident population, 718.6 new cases were tested for every 100,000 inhabitants. The national average is equal to 1045.7 new cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. The largest number of new cases tested per 100 thousand inhabitants was carried out in Abruzzo (3287.8) and in Molise (1911.2). The lowest number of new cases tested was carried out in Veneto (380.3 per 100 thousand inhabitants) and in the PA of Trento (412.7).

In Sicily there are 17.0 hospitalized (not in intensive care), every 100 thousand inhabitants. The national average value is equal to 29.6. The highest values ​​are recorded in Umbria (53.2), the PA of Bolzano (46.2) and Abruzzo (44.9). The lowest values ​​are recorded in Valle d’Aosta (4.8), Calabria (8.7) and Basilicata (14.0).

The situation in Italy

There are 9,630 new cases of Covid 19 registered in the last 24 hours on the Italian territory. According to data from the Ministry of Health, another 274 deaths have been recorded since yesterday, bringing the total to 95,992 since the beginning of the covid-19 epidemic. In the last 24 hours, 170,672 swabs were performed, the positivity index is 5.6%.

Currently positive: 387,903
Deaths: 95,992 (+274)
Discharged / Healed: 2,334,968 (+10,335)
Hospitalized: 20,273 (+375)
Hospitalized in Intensive Care: 2,118 (+24)
Buffers: 38.229.611 (+170.672)
Total cases: 2,818,863 (+9,630, + 0.34%)

The cases region by region