The “Branco” by Velasco Vitali finds a new home: what is the meaning of the work and where it can be seen now

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The urban journey to Palermo of the “Branco” by Velasco Vitaliwhich has already made a stop in Classroom Bunkerat the preccint and at the Royal Palace.
Now it has arrived at the historic headquarters of the Department of Law.

The meaning of the Branco di Velasco Vitali

The symbolic place of culture has welcomed themonumental work, composed of 54 sculptures in iron, corten, resins and bitumen, steel and gold.
They represent life size dogsa reference to a poetic metaphor of the clash between good and evil to make evident the special historical condition of reference of conflict between state, community and organized crime.

The project of cultural and social animation is promoted by Falcone Foundation and by the Federico II Foundation in collaboration with the Department of Law.
It marks the second cultural event of the 30th anniversary of the mafia massacres in Palermo.

The Pack will leave a trail of “dematerialization” And “rebirth“.
At 7.30 on Friday 25 March, in the Maqueda Courtyard of the Royal Palace, in Parliament Square and in the atrium Falcone Borsellino of Lawthe notes of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons will play at the same time.

How to see the opera live

The Pack of Velasco Vitali will be open for free from March 25 to May 22from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 18.30 (showing super green pass) at the Atrium “Falcone Borsellino“Of the Department of Law (Via Maqueda 172).

There Falcone Foundationthe Federico II Foundation and the Department of Law intend to promote a civil and cultural vitality against the mafiaswhich is recharged with energy in public spaces with the participation of citizens in everyday places.

From the very beginning, the Falcone Foundation conceived the urban exhibition path as a path that crosses the stories of places where the community has defeated the mafias.
From a stray pack, little by little, the dogs become attentive guardians of the memory of a city that has suffered and was able to get up again.
The last leg of the “Branco” trip to Palermo is scheduled for May.

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