The boys from Messina killed in England: the Cardinal from Palermo does not respond to the judges

The motive for the murder of Nino Calabrò and Francesca Di Dio, the young Messina couple (he is 26, she is 20), who were massacred last December 21 in Nino’s apartment in Thornaby-on-Tees, in the county of North Yorkshire, England. The boy arrested for the crime, 21-year-old Andrea Cardinale from Palermo, did not say a single word to the magistrates of the Teesside Crown Court during the interrogation this morning. Silent scene, which did not help the investigators in the investigation. What is certain is that Cardinale will remain in prison until January 23, the date of the next hearing.

Meanwhile, the demonstrations in memory of the two young people massacred continue. He from Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, she from Montagnareale, united by a tragic, terrible destiny. A couple in love thinking about the future. The girl had joined the young man in Thornaby, on the west bank of the River Tess in the county of Yorkshire in England, where she lived and worked. Calabro
he was a croupier. The two boys were hacked to death.

Today there will be a mass in their memory in Barcelona, ​​followed by concerts and demonstrations, also to raise the amount needed to bring the bodies back to Sicily. A real solidarity competition has started in support of families (who are still in England). Over a thousand donations, more than 27 thousand euros collected for the transfer of the bodies and for the funerals of the murdered boys

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