The boy who died on the kart track: from his parents a campaign for organ donation

First they authorized the removal, then they promoted a campaign to support the culture of organ donation. For the parents of Rosario Tornabene, a 20-year-old boy killed by a kart that went off the track in Lascari (Palermo), this is the best way to remember their son and to give a sense of hope to the tragedy.

Someone in the village had thought of raising funds to help the family but mum and dad Tornabene preferred to divert that money to Aido, the association of organ donors whose existence they did not even know. They talked about it with Helga Renzino who, in addition to being a nurse, is engaged in social promotion activities. Now she is following the collection that began on the day Rosario’s funeral took place. The whole country has mobilized. The president of Aido di Palermo, Angelo Ferrantelli, also spoke at the funeral ceremony, recalling that the organs of Rosario were transplants on six people.

“Thanks to him – he said – someone has resumed seeing the faces of their loved ones, two young people have stopped doing dialysis, a man suffering from a serious blood disease has found a normal life”.

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