The bosses and the “ruthlessness of a slice of the Palermo bourgeoisie”

From the owner of detergent shops to the managers of a well-known pub, from the entrepreneur to the mysterious character who makes money in Brazil

PALERMO – There is a bourgeoisie that winks at the mafia. She asks for favors and is also ready to return them. The story of Giuseppe Calvaruso, arrested at Easter with the accusation of being the regent of the district of Pagliarelli, would show that the mafia feeds on what the prosecutors of Palermo call “the ruthlessness of a slice of the city bourgeoisie”.

The extreme case is that of Francesco Paolo Bagnasco, since yesterday in prison for kidnapping and aggravated injuries, owner of the “Serena detergents” shops, who turned to Calvaruso to identify and punish, beating them to death, the perpetrators of two robberies against one of his stores.

But that’s not the only example. The repentant of Belmonte Mezzagno Filippo Bisconti, so he reported, had been invited by an acquaintance of his, “Ninni Tarallo”, to intervene to resolve the matter with the managers of the “Lord Green” pub in via Enrico Parisi, in Palermo: “I Mortillaro did not want to pay the royalties because they criticized the owner for not having carried out some works and Tarallo asked me to inform me to resolve the matter ”.

Bisconti was summoned in the studio of Marco Mortillaro, son of Antonio and accountant, in via Cavour and “when I went there I found Mineo (Settimo Mineo, Pagliarelli’s boss) and Calvaruso who in front of the Mortillaro family told me that I should talk to them about the matter, as if they were not only in charge but directly interested. We had several meetings with Mineo, sometimes there were also Calvaruso or Sorrentino (Salvatore Sorrentino, another mafioso from Pagliarelli) or Marco Mortillaro, even if my actual interlocutors were always the exponents of Pagliarelli. These meetings lasted a couple of months, at the end of which I obtained that the owners would give up part of the unpaid rents to compensate for the work they had not carried out ”.

When Calvaruso came out of prison a few years ago decided to go into construction business. Hence the de facto but occult society, as the carabinieri of the investigative unit of Palermo define it, with Giovanni Caruso of the “Edil Professional”. It would have been Calvaruso to bring the best orders as a dowry thanks to his network of acquaintances.

For example the one with Cesare Ciulla, Diego’s brother who was released from prison in 2018 after serving a 10-year sentence for mafia. And so Calvaruso restructured several Hessian, Yamamay and Wycon brand stores. “… Then there is this friend of mine where I have to go now… who had a lot of shops to do… he told me: do the shops for me ‘. I told him: it has to be… yes, he says: you have to do the shops for me. And I have contracted out these ten putias ”, Calvaruso said.

But Pagliarelli’s boss was aiming high, thank you to “that friend of mine that I presented to you yesterday, he practically entered into confiscation in 1995/1996, seizing his father’s assets they do it to him, then it was a seizure of seven hundred billion lire, he thinks his father was one of the strongest entrepreneurs of all Sicily “.

It is a character, currently unnamed, who would have obtained the release of “Part of the heritage“And was able to”annaggate a few billion stalks“. From Sicily he moved to Riccione, where “what they did was impressive, but then they went wrong with the construction crisis, they had a crash of eighty million euros”.

At that point, Calvaruso’s friend would be able to guarantee “the big ones” because “There are people who have typical assets of two hundred, a wallet of two hundred million personal euros”. These partners would have been able to relieve Calvaruso’s friend of the debts and “take things at no cost. And do you know what they did? To say about two hundred assets, the best ones were discarded … Marsala is part of this operation, Vulcano is part of this operation, in Riccione they have three / four other hotels, a Villa in Palao, two villas in Sardinia on the Costa Smeralda ”.

The mysterious character was now aiming for a mega subdivision in Brazil: “… he saw the land, things … a scary thing, frightening … so they who made the land they had bought that were land that didn’t work for them, practically everyone is dividing it, in lots of two hundred and fifty meters and they sell them at ten thousand to fifteen thousand real which is a quarter, in a quarter and one third the real against the euro “.

Ricccione and Natal in Brazil are two of the cities where Calvaruso has lived in recent years. From time to time he returned to Palermo to manage some business. Like that he would see him in occult society with Giuseppe Amato, owner of the Carlo V.

Partner and, according to prosecutors, also nominee which allegedly contributed to “operations of concealing wealth of illicit origin through fictitious receipts and headings”. Amato would also have the name of luxury cars – Range Rover and Porsche Cayenne – and an “Icon 28 S” dinghy to allow Calvaruso not to be too conspicuous, despite living in a luxurious villa with swimming pool in via Altofonte.

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