The book on Messina Denaro causes discussion Marco Bova and the accusations against Penna and De Mari

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(Milan, June 5, 2022) – Milan, June 5, 2022 – The book “Messina Denaro: a fugitive from the state” written by the journalist Marco Bova continues to cause discussion, not so much for the figure of the now well-known Italian mafia but for the fact that the author mentioned, in his volume, the names of Roberto De Mari and Rossana Penna.
In reality it can be said that completely false and unfounded accusations have been made against the lawyer and the judge, which Marco Bova reported in his book without providing clarification.
It was the drug trafficker Elio Eligio Puddu who launched them, following the precautionary measure requested by the magistrate Rossana Penna who was the investigating judge.

There are no more doubts about the absolute groundlessness of the accusations, which not by chance had been filed for some time, yet Marco Bova limited himself to citing the names of De Mari and Penna, leaving the question open.
It was for this reason that the Salani publishing house wrote an apology letter to the lawyer and the judge, publicly expressing its regret for what had happened.

Marco Bova and the accusations against Penna and De Mari

In the book on Messina Denaro, Marco Bova has inserted a chapter entitled “The poisons of Trapani” in which he reported the accusations that had been launched against the lawyer De Mari by Elio Eligio Puddu.
The drug trafficker was then in a position already compromised: he had in fact just been hit by the precautionary measure requested by the investigating judge Rossana Penna.
It was therefore known that his words were not very credible and the same accusations were dismissed precisely because they were considered completely unfounded.

This was the great mistake made by Marco Bova: the author of the book limited himself to mentioning what had happened, without providing explanations that would make clear the position and the absolute innocence of the lawyer and the judge.

The public apology of the Salani publishing house

Precisely for this reason, the Salani publishing house wrote an apology letter, sent to the spouses’ lawyer and published in the main newspapers.
From the letter it is clear the error committed by Marco Bova, who by inserting the falsehoods launched towards De Mari and Penna in the chapter of the book has somehow compromised the reputation of the two.

This is why the same publishing house has already eliminated the references to De Mari and Penna in the digital version of the book on Messina Denaro and has guaranteed that the same will be done with the new paper editions.
However, Salani did not limit herself to this gesture, which was due among other things.

On the basis of the agreements made with the counterpart, the publishing house will pay the Amici del Croff association of the Policlinico di Milano a sum equal to 2,000 euros.
A symbolic but still significant refund for Doctor Penna who saw her reputation compromised by unfounded and blatantly false accusations.

Once again, the words strike deep and prove to be a very powerful weapon.
They must be used carefully, especially when it comes to drug trafficking and the mafia: hot issues in our country, with which no one would like to be associated.


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