The Bishop of Cefalù: Youth emigration is a social scourge.

Bishop Giuseppe Marciante of Cefalú acknowledges that youth emigration is a social, economic, cultural, political, ecclesiastical, and pastoral problem. In a message to the young people who have left or are leaving Sicily, he expresses his understanding of the emotional dynamics and relationships that accompany their departure. He also mentions the quick passing of their vacations and the packing and unpacking of suitcases in temporary homes. The bishop observes the bags filled with preserves, oil, wine, cheeses, and vacuum-sealed cured meats, reminiscent of transplanting trees with their roots from one land to another. He emphasizes that in the past 10 years, 200,000 young people have left Sicily, creating a significant generational gap. Palermo alone accounts for 50,000 young people. The bishop hopes that their exodus will serve as a wake-up call to the indifference towards community desertion, resigned attitudes, hypocritical fatalism, and compromises driven by personal interests rather than the common good and the future. He recognizes that the young people carry more than just clothes in their heavy luggage; they also hold their intelligence, education, talents, energy, creativity, and potential. Their luggage also symbolizes their rejection of idleness, laziness, and economic dependence on their parents or grandparents. Most importantly, their luggage represents the future.

Il vescovo di Cefalù: l’emigrazione giovanile è una piaga sociale

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