The barter of Petralia Soprana, taxes are paid with work

In Petralia Soprana, a small town in the Madinie area, the “administrative barter” was established. Citizens will be able to exchange non-payment of already overdue taxes with their own social utility service. The opportunity was introduced with the unanimous approval by the municipal council, led by Laura Sabatino, of the regulation governing the facility. “With the institution of administrative barter – explains the satisfied mayor Macaluso, who thanks the municipal council for the approval of the deed – the possibility is introduced, in the event of non-payment of municipal taxes already overdue, to offer the municipal body , and therefore to the community, its own provision of public utility. Those who are unable to pay – continues the mayor – can cancel, with great dignity, their debt through their work. A very important tool that goes in the direction of social inclusion and the active involvement of citizens in the life of the country. A proposal – he concludes – of the electoral program implemented». Taxpayers and associations for debts accrued on 31 December of the year preceding the submission of the application, of no less than 600 euros per household, enrolled in the role and not yet regularized, will be able to voluntarily participate in the facilitation.

The interventions may concern the cleaning, maintenance, beautification of green areas, squares, streets or interventions of urban decoration, recovery and reuse, with purposes of general interest, of unusable areas and real estate, and in general the enhancement of a limited area of ​​the urban or extra-urban territory identified by the municipal administration or proposed by the citizens themselves. A sort of “collaboration pact” will be activated, a social partnership between the municipality, citizens and associations which will bring back everything that is necessary for the purpose of carrying out the project. To access the administrative barter there are special requirements listed in the approved regulation. In fact, the administrative barter is mostly aimed at regularizing the debts of less well-off subjects.

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