The balance of Commissioner Santoro in Messina I have not been a ferryman

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Just over a hundred days at the helm of Palazzo Zanca, but don’t call it a “ferryman”. Leonardo Santoro he received that rudder from Cateno De Luca and gave it (but not physically) into the hands of the designated heir of the former mayor, Federico Basile.
In the middle? There was so much, more than one might think.
And not just the big events (from the Giro d’Italia to the preparatory phase of the Vasco Rossi concert).
The behind-the-scenes activity is the most challenging.
And there is also room for some controversy.
The first issue, in drawing up a balance sheet, can only be the priority indicated on the day of the inauguration, alongside the sub-commissioners Mirella Vinci and Francesco Milio: investee companies.
«After the first measures – says Santoro -, the blocking of recruitment and the activation of e-mails for reporting, I had several meetings and I did not find significant critical issues.
When some problems arose, there was a connection with the board of directors of the companies ».

What kind of problems? And in which companies?
“The Social City, for example, had asked for about 200 hires, I blocked them, asking that first they draw on the long list or stabilize the historical precarious workers, such as those formerly Casa Serena.
To my knowledge, however, it has not been done.
And again in the Social City, I had solicited, after several complaints, both in writing and with lively recommendations, the solution of some critical issues at the Casa di Vincenzo.
But even here I have not had a response ».

What about the other companies?
“With regard to the Patrimonio Spa, the Board of Directors was due to expire on May 30: I ordered a 45-day extension, putting the proposal to dissolve the company in the minutes, because it deals with activities that are essentially carried out in house, by personnel municipal.
But it has all remained a dead letter ».

MessinaServices and Atm?
«At MessinaServizi the central element was the optimization of the weeding and cleaning activities, we received about a hundred reports.
There have been significant interventions, but above all we have managed to stabilize 141 ecological operators that were about to expire.
At the ATM there was the controversy linked to two competitions: external competitions had been proposed, I asked that internal staff be identified first and so it was done “.

As commissioner he found himself once again having to deal with via Don Blasco.
And the criticalities are not lacking.

“A disaster.
The railways never gave an answer, except, in some way, only when I asked the prefect to intervene.
My gripe is that even today the structural aspects have not been resolved.
There is the delicate issue of the flyover: it is unsafe, when I was at the Civil Engineers we intervened on the pillars, but the deck is the responsibility of the Municipality, to which, however, the Railways have denied access for investigations.
I can tell you that if I had remained in office, I would have come to close it completely, the flyover, just to get there.
Because here, if the investigations are not carried out, there is no certainty.
My hope is that the Administration will now intervene ».


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