The badge also crawled from the children, for 48 closed surveys in Piedimonte Etneo VIDEO


Employees who crawl their badges for absent colleagues, but also kids who do it for their families, even in front of compliant staff of the traffic police. These are some of the irregularities recorded by hidden cameras of the military of the weapon of the Catania provincial command that from May to July 2015 has resumed the "time mark" of the employees of the Municipality of Piedimonte Etneo. For 48 of them, the district attorney's office issued a notice of conclusion preliminary findings that hypothesizes the crime of aggravated fraud in competition. From the vision of the images and observation and tracking services it emerged that the "systematically employed, after having" stamped "their badge, were absent from their workplace to devote themselves to the most disparate activities, from shopping, distributing newspapers, to take care of their own interests in their private homes or in second country houses ”.
Someone even rebuilds the Catania Public Prosecutor who coordinated …

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