The awakening of Persephone, a show at dawn at the Scala dei Turchi

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“First experiment, Sunday 3 July, at the dawn of eco – tourism with Flash Mob Music at the Scala dei Turchi narrating and immersing those present in Greek mythology.

“First experiment, Sunday 3 July, at the dawn of eco – tourism with Flash Mob Musicale at the Scala dei Turchi narrating and immersing those present in Greek mythology.
Eco – tourism makes the environmental heritage an active part, a stage for the historical and cultural heritage.

On Sunday, starting at 5 o’clock, the Awakening of Persephone.
Who was Persephone? He was a chthonic deity of the ancient Greeks who reigned in the afterlife, alongside his consort Hades.
Persephone was the protector of agriculture and had a cult especially in the typically agricultural regions of Greece, but also in the West, in Magna Graecia, in Sicily.
At 5 o’clock on Sunday, on the Scala dei Turchi beach it was possible to experience the awakening of Persephone who arrived at dawn from the sea.

On the beach of Punta Grande, a path was created that went from the Scala dei Turchi di Realmonte to the Roman Villa of the 1st century AD and therefore an itinerant show, held in 5 moments following the morphology and nature of the place and in one unique scenery: Punta Grande at the Scala dei Turchi with dance, yoga, colors, emotions and sounds!

A great event wanted, conceived and organized by Archeoclub D’Italia, seat of Agrigento, with the aim of making the most of this wonderful environmental, naturalistic, historical and archaeological heritage “.
He affirmed it, Angela RobertoPresident of the Archeoclub D’Italia seat of Agrigento.

But here’s how the event unfolded with sounds, dance, acting, storytelling and yoga!

“The gong beaten three times announced the arrival of Hades and Persephone with her handmaid, from the underworld.
Hades and Persephone have a procession with fire and torches in front of the audience.
Hades, played by the artist Turi Scandura, a fire juggler, performed a juggling show, while Demeter left the audience.
Hades greeted the bride and returned to the sea (the underworld).
Persephone greeted her mother Demeter.
The scenography was that of the Scala dei Turchi with the beach of Punta Grande! At that point Persephone, played by Beatrice Gucciardobegan to sing a song – concluded Angela Roberto – without music, accompanied by the warble of her handmaid, soprano Klizia Prestia.
Demeter greeted her daughter in Greek and began to tell her story, hence her myth.

At sunrise, the sound of a horn announced the new day.

Demetra invited to life and one by one, from the audience, 10 musicians got up to coordinate a flash mob.

Then Ravel’s Bolero left under the direction of the maestro Carlo Scibetta and again the high sun, the yoga of greetings to the sun and thanksgiving from Demeter.
A path started from the horizon, from the sea and accompanied by Greek mythology, two environmental excursion guides guided the public through the Mediterranean scrub, to talk about the genesis of the Scala dei Turchi, the White Marl and the various geological eras, walking towards the Villa Roman.
A great eco – tourism experiment, capable of making the naturalistic heritage truly cultural heritage of our country.
We believe that even through these innovative forms of communication, we can protect the environmental heritage by interpreting it as a testimony of our history!

The event was sponsored by the archaeological park of Agrigento, represented by the director Roberto Sciarratta and by the Municipality of Realmonte represented by the first citizen Sabrina Lattucawith the participation of Archeoclub D’Italia “.

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