The atrocious end of the teacher of Bagheria, her daughter strangled her and then stabbed her with a knife

After having strangled his mother, he perhaps inflicted a knife on the lifeless body in the grip of a tragic charge of rage and ferocity. A further chilling detail on the end of the teacher Teresa Spanò, murdered on Monday morning by her 17-year-old daughter in the apartment in Corso Butera, in Bagheria, where they lived together. The girl, after having confessed before the prosecutor for minors Claudia Caramanna, was stopped by the police and is now locked up in the Caltanissetta prison awaiting the hearing to validate the restrictive measure before the investigating judge, scheduled for tomorrow.

The investigation into the matricide continues and there are still many obscure aspects to explore. Starting with the reasons that animated the girl to make such an extreme and violent gesture against her mother, if that deep-seated discomfort had already manifested itself before her. A malaise that resulted in blood.

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