the assailant arrested for attempted murder

Editorial team 06 September 2021 08:40

The man who seriously injured a deputy brigadier of the carabinieri with a gunshot to the head during a quarrel that broke out while he was about to celebrate first communion in the church of Santa Maria Ammalati, a hamlet of Acireale in the Catania area, was arrested. He is a 69-year-old accused of attempted murder and illegal carrying of a firearm. He was arrested by the carabinieri of the Radiomobile rate of the Acireale company by order of the Public Prosecutor of Catania. The same soldiers who had intervened for an ongoing brawl involving about ten people. The deputy brigadier, on duty at the Aci Sant’Antonio station, free from duty and present for his son’s first communion, had intervened in support of the colleagues engaged in dividing the contenders. One of these, the 69-year-old, suddenly pulled out a gun hitting the deputy sergeant and was immediately blocked and disarmed by the Radiomobile military. The wounded carabiniere, hit by a bullet in the neck, is still hospitalized in serious condition at the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania where he will undergo a delicate surgery. The arrested person, once the formalities have been fulfilled, will be taken to prison, as ordered by the magistrate on duty at the Catania Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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