The ascent of the Rinzivillo gelese clan, the "Exitus" blitz takes place with 4 arrests: there is also a licatese


There is also a retired entrepreneur from Licata: Giuseppe Incorvaia, 73, among the four recipients of the ordinances, issued by the magistrate of the Caltanissetta court at the request of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate, who were notified today by the Caltanissetta Flying Squad. The anti-mafia operation was called "Exitus".

In prison they are finished, according to the Nissena Police Headquarters, Grazio Ferrara, 39, lawyer of the Gela Bar; Benedetto Rinzivillo, understood as "Peppe ucurtu", 55 years old, a Gelese entrepreneur active in the meat trade; the licatese entrepreneur Giovanni Incorvaia and Emanuele Zuppardo Emanuele, 62 years old, domiciled in Parma, currently under probation. All are accused of mafia association, aggravated by being armed for having been part of the Cosa Nostra clan Rinzivillo.

"The investigative activity, which ended with the arrests of today, constitutes a rib of the operation" Extra fines "which led to the arrest, on 4 October 2017, of 37 members of the Rinzivillo clan: it made light – rebuilds always the Police Headquarters of Caltanissetta – on the ascent, in the Cosa Nostra family of Gelese, of Salvatore Rinzivillo who, taking advantage of the imprisonment of his brothers Antonio and Crocifisso and of the absence on the territory of men able to oppose the charisma, reorganized the clan leveraging both on figures traditionally belonging to it and on new and emerging figures who had placed themselves at his disposal to ensure the maintenance of the clan ”.

"Giuseppe Incorvaia, an entrepreneur from Licata of cosmetics and perfumes, made himself available – writes the Caltanissetta Police Headquarters – of the clan chief Salvatore Rinzivillo who, from prison, sent to Incorvaia precise orders through Grazio Ferrara. In addition, Incorvaia – continues the official reconstruction – favored the boss of Gela providing his contribution for the activation of economic activities functional to the investment and recycling of illicit proceeds, making use of the figure of the lawyer Ferrara ".

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