The archaeological museum of Ragusa remains in Ragusa and does not go to Ibla. The controversies continue

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19 Jun 2022 15:13


“Other than closed question.
It is neither in heaven nor on earth that the Archaeological Museum of Upper Ragusa can be closed.
The statements of the superintendent Antonino De Marco, reported by a group of economic operators and residents of Ibla, worry us.
Because it would mean that Dr.
De Marco intends to deliberately close the political and cultural dialogue with an important political and social part of our city.
In our opinion, it is impracticable to close the Hyblean Archaeological Museum, which has a history behind it, a tradition linked to the upper historic center, to make way for another museum that should be built in the former convent “.

To say it is the municipal councilor of Ragusa Prossima, Gianni Iurato, who does not intend to compromise on this delicate issue.
“As a political movement – continues Iurato – it is clear that we have other purposes, other projects for the museum of upper Ragusa.
We must make an effort to enlarge it, urge the municipal administration, as we have already done, to acquire the premises of the former Standa to also make room for a new entrance, this time from via Roma and no longer from via Natalelli, setting up workshops, including didactic ones.
for schools.
Premises of the former Standa not only with reference to the part that concerned the sale to the public which is already large enough but also the warehouses that were located at the back.
Therefore, with an expense that a few years ago was around one million euros, a new dimension could be made to the Hyblean Archaeological Museum that absolutely must not change its intended use.
That of Ibla, while becoming in turn, when it is completed, a museum will be able to host another historical theme such as, for example, the one that goes from the medieval period to the post-earthquake period.
It would be one of a kind, a period in which there is so much to tell, with many artifacts, works of art and documentation.
But certainly one cannot think of transferring the finds from the higher Ragusa structure to that of Ibla, this dismantling would make no sense.
The objective towards which it will have to strive is to maintain both museums with equal dignity but with different themes and periods “.

“So – underlines Iurato – contrary to what the superintendent De Marco would have said, the question is by no means closed.
I am sorry that I have to assert this with a certain energy but all this would be sorry precisely because I know the very good intentions of the superintendent as well as I would be sorry if, with this position of his, a political, cultural and social clash with the Superintendency is started.
of Ragusa which no one feels the need.
Therefore, it will be necessary to evaluate if there are other solutions.
Even if it will not host the archaeological collection of the museum of Ragusa Superiore, the Archaeological Museum of Ibla would not in fact see the intended use legally jeopardized as it would always remain the Archaeological Museum, being able to keep other archaeological finds of the same period compared to those kept in via Natalelli or archaeological finds referring to other historical periods.
Each museum is entrusted with the vocation for which it was born.
Of course, there is a need for a comparison that must not be carried out on social channels or on the media but, rather, in the appropriate institutional settings.
I also believe that the Administration and Superintendency must work more and more to increase the number of museums in Ragusa and diversify the cultural offer with other types, with other addresses, from the activities of picialuori to that of stonemasons, without forgetting agriculture and the Sicilian parade and more, bringing the two very precious municipal and state historical archives in the city back into this museum circuit.
I believe that the City Council, with the Administration, and the Superintendency can carry on this confrontation, as it should be, to understand which are the best choices for the future of museums in Ragusa “.

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