The anti-terrorist operation, the prosecutor's office wants to hear the victims: asked for an evidentiary accident


"The trial does not appear to be postponed to the trial" because the farm laborers who would have been exploited for 3 euros per hour in the countryside, "are foreigners and without stable reference points on the national territory" which could, therefore, abandon.

With these motivations, the public ministry Gloria Andreoli asked the investigating judge Stefano Zammuto to arrange the probative incident, a sort of parenthesis of the trial in the investigation phase, to hear three alleged "slaves" of the organization, of Ukrainian nationality, in order to to acquire the testimony that, in the event that they should leave the national territory, it would be impossible to obtain the trial.

The judge, in the coming days, will decide whether to arrange it. In the case of acceptance, the three witnesses will be questioned at a hearing – before the same judge – with the intervention of the prosecutor and the defendants of the nine suspects.

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